Company Overview

Second in importance only to delivering quality patient care is the financial health of your practice.  Collecting every dollar owed to you as quickly as possible is a key driver in the fiscal performance of your business. Getting coherent, timely financial reports that can assist you in making better business and practice decisions is also very important.   Practicing great medicine and running a great practice are very different, and very difficult, issues. 


Ascend Health Services can help.


Timely and accurate billing, insurance follow-up, collections, and outstanding customer service is essential to the financial strength of your practice; and are the strength of our services. Ascend's medical billing services are designed to improve total collected revenues while simultaneously reducing administrative costs and effort. We achieve this goal through a combination of information technology, business process improvement, and highly trained, highly qualified personnel.  From billing and collections to patient communications, we focus on integrating the services you need so you can focus your time and expertise on providing patient care.


Ascend will help improve your key business functions with integrated electronic solutions and your organization will experience:


      Improved cash flow through faster reimbursement

      Reduced administrative costs and paperwork

      Enhanced staff productivity

      Improved patient communications

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